We’ve got a few furniture categories that we’re constantly adding new items to…


Manufacturing craft tables for as long as we do means working with miscellaneous visual styles and types of materials.

Some of the tables types we do are: coffee tables, credence tables, deskpad, drop-leaf table, glass tables, folding table, eglantine tables, trestle table, writing desk etc…

But whichever table we’re manufacturing, the quality stays just as high!

Chairs & Armchairs

Among all other furniture items that we manufacture, the chairs probably showcase the biggest variety of styles!

Some of the chair types we do are bar stools, ball chairs, balance chairs, Barcelona chairs, benches, butterfly chairs, club chairs, chesterfield chairs and others…

But regardless of which type of a chair it is, the long-lasting quality of it stays!

Sofas & Couches

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and enjoy a soft sofa, made with the most dedicated focus about its style and look, on par with functionality?

We offer you to consider hiring us for creating the following types of sofas: convertible sleeper sofas; sectional sofas; modern leather sofas; modern curved sofas and many other!

With the sofa being the center point of your living room, we advise you to pay attention to how good and how solid this piece of furniture is!

Homeware Furniture

Just as it goes for major and small home appliances, the home furniture is either a big one like a dining table or a small one, like a lamp or a hanger.

We manufacture the following types of small houseware furniture: lamps; chests; drawers; wardrobes; shelves; bookcases; fireplace mantels and many other pieces!

Anyways, whatever you choose, rest assured it will be of the highest quality!

Outdoor Furniture

Having a nice, well-cared for backyard or a garden has lots of perks. Including an option to have an outdoor coffee table, surrounded by cozy armchairs of hammocks – all in the midst of the fresh air!

We have experience of crafting the following types of garden & outdoor furniture: garden sofas; coffee tables; chairs & armchairs; ottomans; deck chairs & sun loungers…

So choose what you’d love to have and we’ll make it asap!

Bedroom Furniture

With bedroom being one of the most important lifestyle places in your house, equipping it with some quality furniture is a no-brainer!

We’re eager to craft the following types of bedroom furniture for you: master beds; wardrobes; storages; dressers; night stands; headboards; vanities etc…

Be sure that your lifestyle will be enhanced with the new furniture in

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